Heli-Biking with Cape Town Helicopters

Experience the picturesque valley of Jonkershoek, home to MTO Trails’ world-renowned trail network, enclosed by the towering peaks of the Hottentots Hollands Mountain Range while mountain biking with a professional heli-bike tour guide. Explore inaccessible routes with breathtaking scenery.

R 23 650 per cyclist (USD 1 250). (Prices valid until 31 August 2024)

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Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch

Cape Town Helicopters’ latest adventure offers an experience like no other! Our newest helicopter comes equipped with aviation-approved bike racks allowing mountain bike enthusiasts to access and ride some of the Cape’s greatest trails.

Kyle Gifford, an ex-professional mountain biker and head of Eco-Tourism at MTO Trails Jonkershoek, along with his team, will point out their playground from high up in one of our helicopters and guide you down the epic Jonkershoek trail mecca of the South – one of the pioneering bastions of mountain biking in South Africa.

MTO Trails Jonkershoek offers the most diverse range of mountain bike trails in the Western Cape, it comprises 18 different trails, ranging from Green Beginner trails to the Black Expert trails. Everything from smooth handmade trails to natural technical and rocky features with jump lines and swooping berms. MTO Trails Jonkershoek offers a wide range of trails to suit every competent mountain biker.

Experience the magical Jonkershoek mountain vista with Cape Town Helicopters Heli-biking adventure experiences- a must for every mountain biker’s bucket list.

We offer half-day and full-day trips, with the option to overnight at select locations. While bike hire is included in the cost of the experience, it is recommended that guests bring their own complete cycling kit.

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Our rides

Cape Town Helicopters Heli-Biking has a ride to suit every mountain biking enthusiast. And if there is not something here that tickles your fancy, get in touch and we’ll tailor-make something just for you.

Our location offerings are tailored around each rider’s skill, experience levels, and group size, and we provide suitable options based on previous experience and expectations. Each package offers uniqueness and comes highly recommended for the outdoor adventure enthusiast looking for that next adrenalin rush or even corporates who wish to entertain or reward their customers!

Come fly and bike with us - we cannot wait to have you along for the ride!


Day rides for Experienced to Advance riders

  • Half-day or full-day outings are available.
  • Explore inaccessible handcrafted natural trails offering flow and excitement through every corner of the Jonkershoek trails, such as Red Phoenix, Never-ending Story, and The Plumber.

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More about the Stellenbosch MTO Trails tracks

Situated in the Hottentots Holland mountain range on the outer edge of Stellenbosch, MTO Trails offers all types of outdoor enthusiasts a world-class trail network to explore and enjoy. Boasting over 48 km of single track and 74 km of jeep track you will have plenty of trails to choose from.

From the landing point, guests can choose from four different trails accommodating most riders' skill levels and requests. The trails include:

Red Phoenix runs a total of 2.77km from top to bottom and is one of MTO Trails' flagship trails, guaranteed to put a smile on any rider’s face with its flowing, single track, rolling rises and jumps, and hand sculpted berms! This trail is graded as a Red Advanced Trail pertaining to the cyclist who is competent and confident on their bike. Advanced and Expert trails can feature fast and flowing manmade sections or be technical and more natural in their nature.

Never-ending Story trail is a dual directional trail allowing mountain bikers to descend and trail runners to move in whichever direction they desire. This trail is 5.92km in length and is graded as a Blue Intermediate Trail. The trail requires previous experience in mountain biking, and perfect progression, providing plenty of challenges for the average rider. The trail is generally swooping and undulating in nature.

The Plumber holds a distance of 1.81km of extreme rocky and technical riding. This trail is graded as a Black Expert Trail and is aimed at expert mountain bikers who are used to highly technically demanding trails.

Twin Traverse trail is a beautiful scenic trail for all levels of trail runner and hiker. This trail sits right up below the Pieke cliff line and offers around 3km of some of the most magnificent views of the valley. This is a dual-directional trail.

What can we expect?

  • Depart from Cape Town International (preferably early morning).
  • Fly to Jonkershoek and collect one of the MTO Trails experienced mountain bike guides.
  • Fly up to our dedicated Heli-biking start point.
  • Start the day with coffee and rusks while enjoying the scenic views below.
  • Cyclists begin the first descent of the day.
  • Accompanying guests are welcome to wait for cyclists after their first downhill and join them for a pre-arranged brunch before the helicopter flies them down to the meeting point, or they can hike from the top of the Hottentot Hollands mountains within the Jonkershoek nature reserve down to the meeting point. The MTO Trails guide will indicate the different options available.
  • Cyclists will be collected at the lower meeting point after their descent and returned by helicopter for another exhilarating downhill on a completely new route to the last.
  • Before cyclists take on the next descent, they can take a break and enjoy a light picnic brunch (if requested in advance) while relishing the unsurpassed views of the Jonkershoek valley with accompanying guests.
  • After the break, the cyclists embark on their second descent on another route.
  • The helicopter then flies accompanying guests down to meet the cyclists at the lower meeting point.
  • Upon completion of the second descent, the group packs the bikes back onto the helicopter and returns to Cape Town International.


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There are various hiking trails in the scenic Jonkershoek Nature Reserve that your accompanying, non-cycling guests can enjoy. Your MTO Trails guide will show you all the hiking options available. Non-cycling guests can either hike to the lower meeting point to join the cyclists for a light picnic lunch at our beautiful table in the mountains or wait at the top and join the cyclist for a light picnic brunch on their break before their second downhill. Cape Town Helicopters will fly non-cycling guests back to the bottom meeting point.

Note: We can provide additional catering should the group wish to stay for lunch or for non-riders that are part of the group.

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